Photography courtesy of the  Kayla Rocca.

Photography courtesy of the Kayla Rocca.


I hold a Bachelor of Design with a focus in Environmental Design from OCAD University. I have since had experience doing freelance work with interior architecture, graphic, web and branding design firms. I use design as a way to help tell a story, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I integrate my understandings from my certifications in Reiki and Yoga to connect deeply with my design conception for every space.

I am passionate about design. Design is the gateway to co-creation. I utilise my background as a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher to help me facilitate design in a connected and comprehensive way. I work to align the two practices to be a conscious and respectful designer who is able to create captivating and unique design at no expense to the ecosystem.  Through my studies at OCAD University, I had the privilege of taking courses like Design Thinking and Sustainable Design Practices. I believe that design goals, profit goals, and ecological goals are mutually achievable. 

I am empowered in representing myself as having a lot to offer. My deep passion for delivering on a promise of beauty, from the inside out, is a mantra I subscribe to as much personally as I do professionally. I truly feel it is my calling to use my creativity and my soul to make impactful works co-creating with others. 



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